There’s something to be said about doing business with someone you can see in person.  A person that can look you in the eye and shake your hand.  A person that can say what they are going to do and mean it! That’s a time honored practice we take very seriously at Selecticity. 

Selecticity was founded by Tyler Gist in 2011 based on a culmination of 15+ years with leading Solution Providers such as Pomeroy Computer Resources and Global Combined Technologies.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Oklahoma in 1993, Tyler started his upward path to success in the Technology industry. Having received multiple awards for outstanding customer service and sales success throughout his career, Tyler decided to launch SelectTech Global, in 2002.  Tyler achieved over $1 Million dollars in sales soon after inception.  SelectTech was then acquired by a local Cloud Services provider in 2010.

In 2011 Tyler founded Selecticity to offer a larger breadth of services to his clientele.  By continually focusing on his customer’s needs and tailoring solutions specifically designed to help them meet challenges they face in the marketplace, Tyler has earned the trust of large organizations such as Vantage Oncology, Christus Health and Bridger, LLC.  

Tyler and his team of talented technicians continue to deliver on service and support for their many commercial clients.  SELECTICITY is always looking for quality individuals in sales and support roles. If you have a desire to join a great team, please contact us today!